Olá! I’m Coralie. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Here is a little bit of my story and why this page was created…

After working in tourism for several years, I have dedicated myself to something very different and even though I love my current job, I miss the link I had with travellers and other cultures. I have lived in 4 different countries until now and it has been the best way to discover other lifestyles, customs, heritage…This gave me the consciousness that it is very difficult to get to know a country and its true identity only by taking a trip.

Travelling became more affordable and easier so we are more and more to wander our planet every day. However, we don’t always have the time to visit all that we want. So most of us try to visit as much as they can in a short stay, go to the must-see, eat the local famous dish. The problem is that in just one or two weeks, we won’t really embrace the atmosphere and the authenticity of a place. Thinking “I don’t want to miss a thing”, we will end missing it all. The last few years, it has been more common to stay in the inhabitants’ place to get to know their way of life better, but it has also affected local populations because of a very high demand. Due to a rise in the prices, some of them are now forced to leave their home because they can’t afford it anymore.

As we need to think the way we eat, consume or behave in our own country, we need to think about how we travel too. If we want to limit the pollution, help the economy of the community we visit while having a real connection with locals and enjoy an authentic experience, we need to be responsible when we travel.

As I know a few countries quite well now, I hope I can help with recommendations, giving a few pieces of advice but also suggestions to create a way of travelling that will be good for everyone, visitors and hosts.

Enjoy the visit, hasta luego

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